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Ekaterinburg City Statistics

Location: the capital of Sverdlovskaya oblast (province, region), middle Urals, Russian Federation.

Geographical coordinates: 60 degrees 35\' E, 56 degrees 49\' N

Country dialing code: +7
City dialing phone code: 343

Population: 1,468,000 (city): men 46%, women 54%;

4,325,000 (regional area).

Ethnic mix: Predominantly Russian; minorities from all over former Soviet Union.

Religion: Predominantly Russian Orthodox.

Time zone: Local time: GMT +5

Electricity: 220 volts AC, 50Hz; round two-pin plugs are standard.

Weather: Average January temp: - 15 C ( 5 F). Average July temp: 17 C (63 F).

Cost of Living (2018)

Prices have been given in Rubles because Rubles is the only official currency accepted.

Jeans: 2000-5000 RUB
Sweater: 1500-3000 RUB
Leather jacket: 5000-10000 RUB
Winter boots: 2000-5000 RUB
Loaf of bread: 25-40 RUB
Bananas, Oranges, kilo: 90 RUB
Eggs, dozen: 55 RUB
Juice, liter: 80 RUB
.33cl Coke: 45 RUB
Cheese, kilo: 300-500 RUB
Meat, kilo: 250-400 RUB
Milk, liter: 30-50 RUB
Chicken, kilo: 150 RUB
Tomatoes/Cucumbers: 50-100 RUB
Tea, 200 grams: 70 RUB
One-litre bottle of mineral water: 40 RUB
Bottle of Russian beer, half liter: 50 RUB
Local newspaper: 30 RUB
Bus/Tram/Trolleybus ticket: 28 RUB
Cinema ticket: 150-500 RUB
Three-course meal in a cafe with wine/beer: 1500 RUB
Laptop: 20000-50000 RUB
Car Russian model new: 400000 RUB
Gasoline, one liter: 45 RUB
One room apartment in the center US$ 50000-60000
Telephone line monthly payment: 450 RUB
Electricity one kilowatt per hour: 2.2 RUB

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27.04.2011 New apartment to rent
Introducing new apartments for rent in downtown Ekaterinburg: Malysheva 4 b.

31.07.2009 Office relocation
Ekaterinburg Travel has relocated on new address: Kuybysheva street, building 48 b, office #2. New office telephone 7 343 253 16 89. Welcome to our new office!

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