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Weather in Ekaterinburg

Average temperature in Ekaterinburg, Centigrade

Average temperature in Ekaterinburg, Fahrenheit

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The fact that Ekaterinburg is far away from Atlantics and close to Siberia makes the climate here to be continental. Comparing to western part of European Russia, which is situated in the same latitudes, we have a longer and colder winter, the temperature difference between days and nights is bigger and the humidity is lower here. The climate is mostly affected by the Western wave. Atlantic air on its way to the Urals becomes continental. It loses its humidity and becomes colder in winter or warmer in summer.

Nevertheless air currents from the West bring most part of atmospheric precipitations and Western cyclones often change the weather in Ekaterinburg region.

Urals Mountains also impact the weather of the region a lot. The mountains are stretched out across the way of the Atlantic waves. The mountains, which are not very high, don't make an obstacle for the waves but significantly slow them down.

But the mountains help the air to move in North or Southern directions. In winter Arctic air often comes along the mountains far to the South and Southern air sometimes comes to the North.

In Ekaterinburg winter is cold and long and summer is quite warm.

In January, the coldest month of the year, average temperature is -16 -17°C (3-1 °F) Sometimes (very rarely) it becomes as cold as -35 °C (-40 °F). Thaws in winter are very rare.

During long winter there is a lot of snow in the city and it melts down by the end of April. March and April two dirtiest months as all mud lays on the streets.

July is the warmest month of the year. The average temperature is 18 °C (64 °F). The hottest temperatures are 35-38 °C (95-100 °F).

Summer ends in late August with first frosts coming to Urals.

"Indian Summer" in the middle of September is short but very nice.

First snow falls in the end of October, and finally covers the city in mid-November.

Outdoor swimming is possible from June till August.

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