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ul. Moskovskaya 19,
Ekaterinburg, 620077, Russia.

Phone: Reception :
7 (343) 228-28-28
email: mm@plastic-surgery.ru
Director -
Sergey Vladimirovich Nudelman.
surgeon, member of Council of Society of plastic, reconsctruction and aesthetic surgeons of Russia, Active Member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)
This is the largest Russian clinic that admits patients both from Russia and other countries including Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Cyprus, etc.
The basis for the clinic development is the principle of comprehensive cosmetological help at a level of the latest cosmetological achievements. The clinic specialists worked on probation in the leading clinics of Italy, France, Germany, USA, Israel. 
The sophisticated equipment of the clinic have been produced by the world production leaders.

The private residence stylized in imitation ancientry of about 3000 square meters in area is the site of four clinic departments: of cosmetological dermatosurgery, physiotherapy and department of plastic and aesthetic surgery; laboratory and services providing the clinic operation self-sufficiency, commercial department and wholesale perfumery and cosmetic department with a network of own shops. The staff is more than 180 persons.
The specialists of cosmetological and dermatosurgical departments are occupied with essentially all problems of skin and hair: treatment of acne disease, ablation of various skin tumors (papillomas, atheromas, nevuses, warts) and tattooing, correction of cicatrixes, skin smoothing by various kinds of grinding and etc.
The department of aesthetic and plastic surgery has 5 highly skilled surgeons and 2 anesthesiologists of the highest skill, 4 operating rooms, intensive therapy ward and hospital for 22 patients. 2500 operation a year are performed.
The clinic values its reputation and does not use purely commercial technologies on principle. New techniques are studied with great care at international conferences, symposia, and seminars. The foreign specialists note a high level of The Center’s professional skill and technical equipment.
The specialists of the highest skill (vascular surgeon, traumatologist, urologist-andrologist, gynecologist) on the basis of the clinic treat the most complicated inherent and acquired hand deformations, finger contractures, restore joint mobility, graft lost fingers, perform mini-operations and sclerosing of varicose veins, treat successfully many male and female diseases. The range of the clinic’s services is supplemented and renewed continually.


Unsere Geschäftspartner

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