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360 degree virtual tours

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Virtual tour is a new IPIX patented immersive imaging technology that lets you see a full 360° field of view with no blind spots and no moving parts.

To view the 360 degree images you must have free IPIX plug-in installed. The plug-in should be downloaded automatically when you attempt to access the IPIX image. You may manually install this plug-in by clicking here.

To navigate: click and drag mouse within the image to move left, right, up or down and use the magnifying glass icons to zoom in and out.

Please be patient while IPIX image is being downloaded. Each image is 500 kb, so it may take you a few minutes to get it downloaded.

Click on the thumb to see the virtual tour.

Plotinka (The dam) near Lenina street

Plotinka near Lenina street

Plotinka Architecture museum


Fine Arts museum on Plotinka
Plotinka Plotinka
Plotinka and Rhodonite - city symbol Plotinka
Iset river Iset river
Stone park on Plotinka Stone park on Plotinka
Stone park on Plotinka Stone park on Plotinka

Monument to city founders (Tatischev & de Gennin) Plotinka view from Lenina stret

Ancient water supply tower near monument to city founders

Monument to city founders (so called "Beavis & Butthead")

pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Virtual tours by Alexander Korjev


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