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Russian visa registration

All foreign citizens arriving in Russia must register their visa within seven days, except weekends and holidays. Visitors who stay less than seven working days, may skip registration procedure. In order to get registered, you have to notify Administration of Federal Migration Service (UFMS) of your arrival by filling in the following form:

Arrival Notification Form, 115 Kb

Do-it-yourself registration

If you stay in the hotel, let them register your visa. Be sure to request this service at the reception.

If you arrived in Russia and stayed in the apartment, there are two ways to register your visa:

1) via UFMS office. The apartment owner should visit local UFMS office within 7 days and submit arrival notification form along with your passport and visa copies, and copy of migration card. Usually there are many people in a line, so we recommend you to come there in advance.

2) via main post office "GLAVPOCHTAMPT" (Lenina st, 39). Visit international department of the main post office, fill in arrival notification form. Have your passport, visa and migration card copies with you.

When registration is completed, you receive arrival notification receipt.

Denial of visa registration

If you haven't registered your visa, you may be fined 2000 RUB upon departure at passport control and have some delay with documents processing. However it happenes very seldom.

Visa extension and exit visa

Russian visa cannot be extended. All travelers should respect the rules and cannot stay in Russia even one hour more after the visa expires. If you need to extend your stay, you should have a serious reason. Only these following reasons are consudered to be serious:

1) no return flights available for the requested period (you will be asked to present a reference from a travel agent)

2) being sick (you will have to present the medical certificate)

3) family reasons.

You will have to apply for an exit visa to UFMS in person, when your application is approved, you will be granted an exiting visa for the period up to 10 days. Within this period you have to leave Russia.

Migration card

Migration card is given on board (in the train) or at the border check point. Always keep it with your passport, and provide upon departure at the customs.

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