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Rent-a-car in Ekaterinburg

Car rental service

Rent-a-car parking place is open 9.30 am - 7.30 pm daily.

You can pick up a car in any place in Ekaterinburg (9 USD), or it can be delivered to the airport (1 USD).

Check our rates, choose the car and place your order. Payment can be done in cash or by Credit Card. Standard car rental rules are applied.

Car rental prices

Code Car model 1-2 Days,
5-6 Days,
ECMR Skoda Fabia 41 USD 33 USD 210 USD
IDMR Skoda Octavia 49 USD 41 USD 291 USD
IDAR Skoda Octavia 49 USD 41 USD 291 USD
CCMR Toyota Corolla 57 USD 49 USD 323 USD

Toyota Corolla

57 USD 49 USD 323 USD

Skoda Yeti

73 USD 65 USD 388 USD
CDAR Audi A3 73 USD 65 USD 388 USD
FDAR Audi A4 89 USD 81 USD 484 USD

Toyota RAV4

89 USD 81 USD 484 USD

Toyota Camry

89 USD 81 USD 484 USD

Alfa Roneo 159

89 USD 81 USD 484 USD
IFAR Lexus RX 270 113 USD 97 USD 565 USD

Audi TT

113 USD 97 USD 565 USD

Audi A6

113 USD 97 USD 565 USD

Toyota LC150 Prado

113 USD 97 USD 565 USD
PDAR Audi A8 162 USD 130 USD 726 USD

Lexus LS 460

210 USD 130 USD 968 USD

This table will help you to read the codes of the cars:

1st letter
2nd letter
3d letter
4th letter
M - mini B - 2 doors A - automatic R - yes
E - economy C - 2/4 doors M - mechanic N - no
C - compact W - wagon
S - standard V - mini van
I - middle L - limo
F - full size R - for rest
P - prestige S - sport
L - luxury F - 4 weel drive
X - special T - cabrio
X - special
D - 4 doors
J - all road
P - pick-up

For example:

EDMR means Economy class, 4 doors, with mechanic transmission and air-conditioner.

To rent a car you will need to present the following documents:

1. Your passport

2. Your driver license (valid in Russian Federation) or international driver lisence

3. Credit card (Visa, Mastercard)

To inquire about a rent-a-car service
fill in the form below:

Online Rent-A-Car request form
Contact details
First Name:
Last Name:

Rent details
You arrive in Ekaterinburg on (Local time GMT+5)
Flight Number
Would you like to pick up a car in the airport? Yes
How many days to rent?
Which car model you would like to rent:
Comments (ie. flight details):
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27.04.2011 New Rent-a-car offer
Car Toyota RAV4 for rent in Ekaterinburg - cheap rates

27.04.2011 New apartment to rent
Introducing new apartments for rent in downtown Ekaterinburg: Malysheva 4 b.

31.07.2009 Office relocation
Ekaterinburg Travel has relocated on new address: Kuybysheva street, building 48 b, office #2. New office telephone 7 343 253 16 89. Welcome to our new office!

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