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Industry in Ekaterinburg
Urals Industrial Enterprises

The Ural Expo Arms Exhibition

Uralmash - the biggest heavy machinery plant in Ekaterinburg and all Ural

"URALMASH" is the biggest Russian enterprise for heavy machine building. Metallurgical factories all over Russia use Uralmash machinery. All rails and solid-rolled wheels for railroad carriages in Russia, as well as all transformer and tin free steel, and nearly all the national output of automobile steel - are made on rolling mills manufactured at Uralmash. Uralmash presses are used at all Russian civil aircraft construction enterprises. Machinery for billet continuous casting is being designed and manufactured by Uralmash in co-operation with the Fest-Alpine company of Austria. The Russian- American joint venture "UNOC" (a joint venture between Uralmash, National Oilwell, and Caterpillar) is manufacturing drilling rigs UNOC 320 DE and UNOC 500 DE.

Kalinin Machine Building works

"KALININ MACHINE BUILDING WORKS" in Ekaterinburg used to specialise in field- and anti-aircraft artillery production. It became a world-famous manufacturer of the still produced SS-20 missiles, as well as S-300 anti-aircraft systems, still produced and considered to be the best in the world. The works also produces electric and Diesel lift trucks.

Energomash Plant

SUAL group


"URALELEKTROMED" in Verhnaya Pyshma is the largest copper-smelter in the CIS. Together with the SREDNE-URALSK WORKS (Revda), the KIROVGRAD WORKS and the KRASNOURALSK WORKS it makes up a powerful copper-production complex.


The "URALTRANSMASH" group was the only enterprise in the former Soviet Union to produce self-propelled mounts for artillery of the world standard. Thirty-six machines manufactured at the enterprise took part in the 50th Anniversary Victory Parade (commemorating the allies' victory in World War II) in 1995. Well known oil well pumps and automobile trailers are examples of civilian products manufactured from conversion of military production.


"URALVAGONZAVOD" (Ural Carriage-Building Plant) in Nizhny Tagil manufactures universal type 8-axle rail cars and tanks of the highest quality. The "T-34" tanks had no rivals in World War II.

Bogoslovsky Aluminium Plant

BOGOSLOVSKY ALUMINIUM PLANT in Krasnoturinsk is one of the major non-ferrous metallurgy enterprises in Russia and in Europe. The plant was given the Gold Star award for the high quality of its product by the International Society "Business and Initiative". The A7E aluminum is registered at the LME. The plant produces 70% of all Russian alumina.


"VIZ" (Verkh-lsetsky Metallurgical Plant) is one of the world's leading manufacturers of electrical steel, and the leading exporter of the region's metal production. Approximately 92% of output is exported to Western markets.

Kirova street, 28
Phones: 7 (3432) 632160, 632143, 581200
Fax: 7 (3432) 454849
E-mail: sbtv@viz.ru


"URALELECTROTYAZHMASH" (Urals Plant for Heavy Electrical Machine-Building) manufactures powerful hydro-electric generators for power stations and unique electric motors for atomic power plants. The plant is one of the major suppliers of vertical engines for Russian pump stations.


"NTMK" (Nizhny-Tagil Metallurgical Plant) developed from the old Demidov metal-works. NTMK is the large industrial complex comprising mining, sintering, coking, refractory, blast-furnaces, steel- melting and rolling production units.

Old traditions of quality are preserved. The range of production includes about 800 rolled items of more than 150 steel grades.

Pervouralsky Novotrubny

"PERVOURALSKY NOVOTRUBNY" (Pipe-rolling) Mills is one of the leading enterprises of the Russian pipe rolling industry. The mill manufactures hot-rolled seamless pipes, cold-rolled pipes from carbon steel, steel alloys, corrosion-resistant steel and titanium alloys, as well as other types of pipes.

Ekaterinburg Plant for Non-ferrous Metals Processing

EKATERINBURG PLANT FOR NON-FERROUS METALS PROCESSING was put into operation in 1916 to process noble metals extracted from the Urals deposits. In the twenties the plant developed the production of pure platinum, and in the forties - the production of products from the noble metals and alloys.


The plant started to make jewellery; there are plans to develop precious stone facetting. "KHROMPIC" in Pervouralsk manufactures chromium compounds. "Khrompic" exports its products to 40 countries.

Kamensk-Uralsky Metallurgical Works

Kamensk Uralsky Metallurgical Works (KUMZ in Russian abbreviation) is one of the largest downstream companies in Russia. KUMZ has a rich history as it was founded in 1944 as a manufacturer of semi-finished products in aluminium-, magnesium-based and aluminium-lithium alloys. Today they supply high quality aluminium plates, wide variety of extruded products (rods & bars, profiles of different shapes & wide railway extruded panels as well as aluminium tubes & drill pipes). KUMZ is also specialized in forged materials supplying die-forgings, hand-forgings, rolled rings, forged plates and bars to aerospace, military and automotive industries. KUMZ three productions are situated in one place.

Sladko (ex-Konfi)

Firm "Sladko" (ex-KONFI) in Ekaterinburg is the largest confectionery in the Urals and Siberia. The factory ranks third in Russia by its output. The sales grow by nearly 10% each year. The product range includes 11 groups of more than 250 items.

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