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Theaters in Ekaterinburg

There are many theaters of all kinds in Ekaterinburg. The most famous therater is surely Opera House.

Ekaterinburg Opera House

One of the most beautiful buildings in Ekaterinburg is the Opera House. It was built in 1912 and many famous artists played in this theatre like Sergey Lemeshev, Ivan Kozlovsky, Irina Arkhipova. Operas and ballets attract both theatre-lovers and townspeople who like the Arts. Luxury interiors of the theater, skills of the actors and producers, traditional Russian spirit of the theatre – all this you will be able to experience if you visit our Opera.

The theatre season lasts from September to July. On the week days they give one play at 6.30 pm and at the weekends there are two plays: one at 11 am and the second is at 6 pm. As the tickets are extremely cheap they are sold off long before the day of the performance especially on the most famous plays like "Swans Lake", "Nutcracker", "Karmen" and "Eugene Onegin".

Check the schedule here!

Ekaterinburg Opera Theatre Ekaterinburg Opera Theater

If you are planning to visit the Opera House in Ekaterinburg, you can book the tickets with Ekaterinburg Travel agency via e-mail.

We will book the best available seats for you. The earlier you address us, the better seats we will be able to book for you.

Photos by Alexander Korjev, and Alexei Podoba, Studio AP

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