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Q: Why do I see two different names for your city: Ekaterinburg and Yekaterinburg?

A: There are two ways of writing our city name. First is direct transliteration from Russian into English while the second one gives closer phonetics. Both names are absolutely synonimous.

Q: Why do I see Sverdlovsk instead of Ekaterinburg on the map?

A: Buy a new one! Yours is probably published during Soviet Era when our city name was Sverdlovsk from 1926 till 1991. It was renamed after Jakob Sverdlov, local communist leader, Lenin's comrade. Original name Ekaterinburg was given back after Soviet Union collapsed

Q: Is Ekaterinburg a big city?

A: Oh, yes! Definitely, it's big industrial city with population about 1.500.000 people. It is considered to be the third major Russian city after Moscow and St.Petersburg but of course much smaller than those cities. Ekaterinburg is unofficially named as the "third capital" or the "capital of Urals". This is absolutely true as Ekaterinburg dominates in all the Ural region and has the most developed economy.

Q: Where is Ekaterinburg on a map?

A: Find Ekaterinburg location on a map here. Ekaterinburg is situated right on the border between Europe and Asia. Find Ural mountains on the map and Ekaterinburg is just 30 miles east in the Asian part in the middle of Urals. By the way, our agency provides an interesting excursion to that place, where you can stand both in Europe and Asia!

Q: Is Ekaterinburg an open city for foreigners?

A: Yes. No restrictions in visiting Ekaterinburg take place now. But it was really closed for visiting foreigners for decades because of military enterprises and closed military areas around. By the way there are still a few closed areas around Ekaterinburg and you should avoid these as you can arrested if apprehended. Here is the list of some towns around Ekaterinburg that have strict visiting restrictions: Lesnoy, Novouralsk and Ozersk.

Q: what are major facts about Ekaterinburg?

A: Ekaterinburg has been the major Russian industrial city since it was built in the early 17th century. Its metallurgical production was the biggest in Europe in the 18th century. All Russian army depended on its arms, cannon-guns, balls and later Sverdlovsk produced tanks and other military equipment for the Soviet Army that helped to win World War II.

Russian gold and emeralds were discovered here in the late 18th century and "Gold Rush" turned this area into developed region.

Last Russian czar was imprisoned here in 1918 and later assassinated in Ipatiev House. Now this place is considered to be sacred by Russian Orthodoxal Church and a new Cathedral on the Blood ha been built.

After the revolution (1917), our government decided to build the biggest Soviet heavy machinery plant URALMASH here in the early 30s of 20th century and this project turned into the leading European manufacturing plant with an area covering a medium size town.

During World War Two, Sverdlovsk was the core of the Soviet military program. Many military plants were evacuated from the European part of the Soviet Union here and they began manufacturing weapons very quickly. Local people worked as hard as our soldiers fought for their Motherland. During the War half of all Soviet tanks were built here in Sverdlovsk.

On May 1, 1960 American pilot Francis Gary Powers was shot down by a local military rocket missile during his spy flight. Read more about this story here.

In 70-80s, rock music was considered to be alien to soviet life style in Soviet Union, nevertheless rock bands from Sverdlovsk became very famous in all Soviet Union and Ekaterinburg is considered to be a "Third Musical Capital of Russia".

Boris Yeltsin, the first Russian president, was local communist leader since 1970 till 1985, and we owe him much for giving new breath to our city and developing it to the level of other major Russian cities. He was born in town Butka 100 miles away from Ekaterinburg, graduated Ural State Technical University (UPI) and then worked in a construction area for many years.

Q: Is it cold in Ekaterinburg?

A: Climate of Ural region is continental so severe winters and cool summers are normal here. To know more about our climate and weather click here.

Q: How far is Ekaterinburg from Moscow?

A: The distance between Ekaterinburg and Moscow is 889 miles equal 1430.67 km.

Q: Can I get more fact of Ekaterinburg?

A: Read City statistics web-page.

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