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Ekaterinburg Zoo

It is so pleasant indeed to go to the Zoo when the Sun is shining and the day is bright. We are not going to discuss animal numbers and variety that you can see there. Zoo was not meant for statistics fans. One should go there for positive emotions that you get from communicating, exactly communicating with animals. Amicable raccoon is always happy to make a pause in his household activities and laundering, and come up to shake your hand.
As for polar bears, it depends, you can find them in different mood, either as sever giants, walking along in deep thoughts, or you may be lucky to see them from completely other side. Snow-white Umka is playfully catching water steams in the swimming pool, gives slanting glance at the piece of meat that was given at lunch time. It is full already, just as a child, who is being made to finish his meal, but its unlikely to make a bear finish. It is playing dont-want-anything-boy game, making funny faces, cheerfully throws up its toy and makes eyes at its neighbor girl Ajna.
Animal relations remind human ones so much; there are good neighborly relations, friendly ones, some of them simply adore each other. Why not scratch your friends back? Its scary enough if your neighbor is a wolf of course.
They say otters live easily, playing and doing everything together. They are never tired to run around their place. And if one gets tired a little and lies down to have a rest at the pool, the other one runs up to it and tries to provoke, quite easily achieving this goal, they both rush back to the pool to play a catch-me-up game.
The elephant, despite its diminutiveness has evidently always been thinking to be a ballerina. That is why it is non stop singing something to itself and dancing. Its amusing to see it, as if it is listening to a walkman and moving according the rhythm of that music all the time.
Martens seem to be always busy doing something; obviously they want to resemble their neighbors-squirrels. They run round and round, meanwhile graceful lynx is smoothly watching them. Wind is slightly touching its tufted ears.
White tiger is a rarity indeed; you can come up to it very close, there just behind the glass it is standing good enough for a portrait to be painted.
Hippopotamus, having as it is written in an explanatory note typical cylindrical silhouette proudly demonstrates the silhouette, not willing to turn its face whatever happens. All around it there are birds bustling about. It is they who are always ready to pose for photographers, goggle at you and annoying hippopotamus so much with this behavior. No doubts that without them it would be completely bored and somewhere deep inside it understands it very well. Oh, it is just a dream to see this giant walking or at least moving a part of its body one day! But it does not alter its ways.
We recognize ourselves in animals, there is no point to confirm or disprove Darwins theory. There are things speaking for themselves. So many characters so many ways of life diversity surprises and makes us smile sometimes.

189, Mamina-Sibiryaka Street, phone 215-98-00
Working hours: 10.00-18.00
You can get there by buses #1, 13, 14, 25, 32, 50, and 61
Trolley-buses # 6, 7, 18, 19, 20
Trams # 3, 4, 6, 14, 20, 21, 25, 32
Stop name "Dom Kino"

Ticket price for adults - 200 RUB.
Reduced fare ticket - 100 RUB.
For children under 3 y.o., disabled people of all groups, orphans, families of dependent children, servicemen entrance is free.

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